The Atlantic Coast - The End of a Long Ride
22 August - 24 August
3840 - 3995.8 miles

Sandy Hook National Recreation Area

I finished my tour in Sandy Hook, NJ. This is the entrance to the park there. Many times I had biked through this entrance on rides while living in NJ. This time it was at the end of a much longer ride than any of those others. When we left our house in Fairport the four cross-country riders split into three groups. Maureen and Art went to the New Hampshire coast. Bill ventured the furthest north and ended in Portland, Maine. It was going to be easiest for me to get back home if I headed to NJ. This also allowed me to see my mom and some other friends there. For the last miles I was joined by Charlene, and our friends Marty and Sue. I very much enjoyed sharing this dream accomplished with these people.

Me, My Bike and The Atlantic

Here is my official end of trip photo. It shows me, my bike and the Atlantic Ocean in the background. A hazy New York City skyline was in the background but did not come out in the picture. I will admit that I did not haul my bicycle across the couple of hundred feet of sand to dip my front tire in the Atlantic. This photo was close enough for me. The four of us celebrated with a fish meal in Sea Bright. Then the three of them made me bike back to Marty's the long way! All I wanted to do was get off my bike for a little while!

3995.8 Miles with NO Flats!

Here is the final mileage when I got to the Atlantic Ocean. Almost 4,000 miles and I did not have a single flat. I carried one spare tire with me and every 700 miles did a tire rotation. The night before this last day I did change a tire that looked like it was ready to give out. As a point of reference, Charlene had two blowouts in the 11 miles from Marty's house to the ocean!

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