The Riders

Maureen Sevigny

This was Maureen's third ride across the US. After I told Charlene that I would like to do the cross-country ride this summer she got in touch with Maureen who she has known since seventh grade. It was time for another ride and Maureen dove into thinking about routes, logistics, etc. She was also a master at selecting meals for us. She and I shared the cooking tasks. Art and Bill had cleanup duty. Her past experience on long distance tours was invaluable to the success of our tour.

Art Sevigny

Art and Maureen met on a cross-country ride. From years of Air Force training and lots of detail work on his model railroad layouts, Art was well equipped to handle any major mechanical repairs we encountered. Despite the appearance in this picture, his panniers were definitely the most organized.

Bill Manthey

Bill is a retired electrician and apprentice program instructor from the Cleveland area. He had met Maureen at a bike rally and they have gone on several rides and tours together. He had been on one and two week tours before but never something as long as this. He jumped at the opportunity to join us on this ride when approached by Maureen. On several occassions, we would be speaking with someone who mentioned that touring the country would be a wonderful thing to do but they were a bit older than we were. We would tell them to go speak with Bill about being too old to do this ride. Bill is in his late 60's.

Jim Vallino

I have wanted to do this cross-country tour for as long as I can remember. Being back in school full-time working on a PhD I was able to arrange for a summer off. The summer after having my thesis proposal accepted seemed like a good time to do it. I could clear my mind before starting the last push to get finished with the program. It has taken a bit of time to get back into a productive mode since completing the trip. This is a photo of me in northeastern Utah.

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