Iowa - Hills, Hogs and Corn
31 July - 5 August
2320 - 2670 miles

Iowa is Not Flat

When we first entered Iowa we were ready to zip across the state as quickly as we had come across Nebraska. It was getting a little hillier as we approached the Nebraska side of the Missouri River but we figured a few miles into Iowa and everything would flatten out. Boy were we wrong! This picture shows what our typical road in Iowa was like. On the west you have the river bluffs from the Missouri and on the east it is the bluffs from the Mississippi. They meet in the middle for a small flat stretch around Des Moines. And don't believe that the winds always blow from west to east. We had head winds the entire way across the Plains from Fort Collins, CO to Cleveland, OH. We could not buy a wind from behind us. But then maybe this weather pattern also brought us temperatures that were 10 degrees below normal through Nebraska and Iowa. We were expecting to bake much more than we did.

Iowa Corn

Iowa is known for its corn and we rode up and down past many miles of corn fields like this one.

Iowa State Capitol - Des Moines

We biked through downtown Des Moines on a Friday at noon time. This was the most traffic we had to battle since pulling into Boise, ID several weeks ago. We decided on a short day today so that gave us a little time to look around inside the Iowa State House. It also allowed Art and I to ride all of the roller coasters in the amusement park next door to our campground that night.

Iowa Hogs

Iowa is supposedly the home of hogs, hawkeyes and a handful of weirdos. Well, here are some of the hogs. Just compare the size of these animals to the guy walking behind them. He was a big guy mind you. These animals are huge!

For Those Early Morning Fishing Trips

The true blooded fisherman knows that the fish bite much better before dawn. But at that time most of the shop owners are either fishing or still asleep so where are you going to get your bait? Why in your Live Bait machine where else?

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